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Virtually bundling products you already stock into new listings you can leverage your catalog +300%

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What is a Virtual Bundle?

Bundling or kitting is the process of combining 2 or more catalog items into an offering or listing.

Before today, to create a bundle and new bundle listing, the seller would need to manually create the listing, images, and physical bundle to track inventory correctly.

Now with Bundlr, this can all be done in a few simple steps and eliminate the need to pre-build the bundles.

Leverage your Catalog

Create Unique Listings

Reduce Competition

Increase Visibility

Save on Shipping

Increase Order Value

More Bundles = More Listings = More Buy Boxes = More Revenue

It's just math.

Now Featuring

Dynamic Box Selection

What is Dynamic Box Selection?

One of the biggest issues with virutual bundles is what size box do I use for my bundle? If you haven't sold that bundle before, how would you know?

Bundlr has the box handled!

Just upload the box sizes from your current inventory, or you plan to purchase and Bundlr will analyze the products in your bundle and calculate the best box for your bundle!

This will help you price your shipping and assist your shippers in box selection!

Analyze your catalog for FREE!

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Auto Image Creation

Auto Pricing

Bundle Inventory Control

Catalog Cleanup

Catalog Sync

Custom Bundles

Dynamic Bundle Suggestion

Dynamic Item Suggestion

Import & Export

Listing Conversion

Multi-Pack Creation

Multi-Pack Matching

Plus-1 Bundles

Quick Catalog Onboarding

Rule Based Bundles


UPC Matching

and Much More!

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