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Dynamic bundles are a bundle suggestion based upon analysis of sales data. Bundlr will identify prime potential bundles from your current list of products and allow you to quickly create those bundles to increase your potential revenue.


Bundlr allows you to create bundles from any 4 products in your catalog. Just specify the SKUs you would like to combine and let Bundlr do the rest.


Multi-packs are bundles of the same product in any quantity. Bundlr allows you to quickly create multiple multi-packs of any of your products.


Plus-1 bundle creation is an extremely powerful way to increase your listing catalog. With Plus-1 bundles all you need to do is specify the rule-set and add a single product and plus-1 will add that single product to every product in your rule set. You can even just double your listings by duplicating your entire catalog with the addition of a single item.

Rule Based

Rule based bundles are bundles automatically created by Bundlr by combining products from a single or various created rule sets. If you want to combine every hat with every shoe with every pair of gloves in every combination. This is your tool.


Case-packs are multi-packs based strictly on the quantity you purchase in a case. This is an extremely fast way to leverage not only yours but your distributors inventory.
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