The designation given to a listing that is currently visible to customers and available for purchase on a marketplace.

Base (Cost)

Base Cost is the cost of the product, shipping, and misc costs applied. This is usually referenced on listings as it does not take into account the referral fees from the marketplace.


The creation of a unique listing which combines two or more products from a sellers catalog.

Buy Box

A button on a product detail page which begins the purchasing process for a customer by adding products to their shopping cart. This is usually assigned to a specific seller using a proprietary algorithm used by that marketplace. Factors taken into consideration generally are price, seller metrics, shipping time and customer reviews. Winning the buy box is the greatest determining factor on which seller will receive the order for that listing.


Cost of goods sold refers to all of the costs in purchasing or producing the products sold by a company. This amount includes the cost of the product, inbound shipping fees and any other expense incurred in order to receive the product into inventory.


Dynamic both bundles and items refers to bundles or products that Bundlr has identified for you as options to add to your catalogs.


Estimated Gross Margin, which is an estimate of the net profit after accounting for COGS, marketplace referral fee, outbound shipping and miscellaneous fees (materials, drop ship fee, etc).


Fulfilled by Amazon, this designates that an order will be processed and shipped by the Amazon who is acting and third party fulfillment center.


Fulfilled by merchant, this designates that an order will be processed and shipped by the seller.


A group is a collection of products used primarliy bundling applications. Bundlr allows you to create groups of products to apply similar rules or creation methods to.


An identifier is both an internal and external term that speicfies your product in your catalog as well as specific listings on marketpaces such as an ASIN from Amazon.


The designation given to a listing that is currently not visible to customers and unavailable for purchase on a marketplace.

Invalid ASIN

This is an error that occurs when the ASIN used no longer has a corresponding listing on Amazon, this usually takes place when Amazon itself deletes the listing from it’s catalog.


Item Package Quantity (IPQ) which is required for most products listed on Amazon, a multi-pack listing is only allowed for a manufacturer-created pack with its own unique UPC.


Refers to an online e-commerce marketplace which is a website where product details is provided by third party sellers and the orders are process by the marketplace such as Amazon.

Merged ASIN

This refers to the process in which Amazon has located a multiple listings for the same product. When this occurs Amazon will combine the multiple listings into one of the existing ASIN’s, typically the best ranked. This will result in different SKU’s in your catalog being assigned to a common ASIN.


Manufacturers part number


The creation of a unique listing of a multiple quantity variation of a single product in a sellers catalog.

MWS Authorization Token

MWS Authorization Token is a specific code that Amazon provides to you to allow third party applications like Bundlr to have access to your account to make changes on your behalf.


The numerical representation of the popularity of a specific listing on a given marketplace.


Stock Keeping Unit is a uniqe alphanumeric code which is assigned to a specific product allowing sellers to tracking inventory levels and product details.


This identifies the name of the company or inventory feed that provides a product or products in a sellers catalog.


A tag, similar to groups, allow you to tag products for addtional bundling and reporting actions

Taxonomy (SKU)

A classification system that standardizes how to create SKU’s that are assigned to specific products in a sellers catalog.


Universal product code is a twelve digit numeric barcode that is assigned to a specific item in a sellers catalog and is most commonly used in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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