Bundlr Features

Catalog Management

Centralized Data Bundlr can be your centralized source for keeping track of all of your products data, including images, pricing, suppliers, categories, and more.
Customized Exporting Create export templates with the ability to specify column position for all your external reporting needs.
Tags and Grouping Creating tags and groups for products allows you to quickly identify the products that you are looking for with the same characteristics.
Filters Bundlr has extensive filtering capabilities for all of the most common needs in catalog management.
Inventory Feed Management If you have an external order management system bundlr can be customized to work with that system to feed inventory from one or any number of sources. This can be used to feed from direct distributors as well to leverage their inventory for your listing purposes.
UPC Management As UPCs are a necessary component in with product sales and listing on major online marketplaces. Bundlr has created a centralized section for you to keep track of used and unused UPCs. Along with a validation tool to ensure that your UPCs are unique to your products.
Handling Time Controls Handling time management can be a pain when it comes to working with different distributors. Bundlr allows you to set a global, supplier, or product based handling time that will automatically update listings on the marketplace to the shortest time available to instock items.

Pricing Controls

Detailed Cost Control Bundlr included various cost fields to fit your needs. Including product, shipping, handling, dropship, materials, and miscellaneous.
Free Shipping Free shipping is a large part of online shopping these days and having the ability to specify if you are using a free shipping model at the pricing level can help you specify how your future listings will be created to optimize listing time.
Case Pricing By implementing a case pricing feature Bundlr allows you to specify whether the item is bought in a case or individually so you can appropriately adjust your cost and pricing.

Catalog Cleanup

Products Missing Data Bundlr has provided you with a series of filters that allows you to identify missing data in your product catalog so that you can address for easier bundle and listing creation.
Duplicate Product Handling At times if you work with overlapping suppliers you may have loaded in the same product with different SKUs. In this cleanup section you can quickly identify duplicate products and choose the SKU in your catalog that you would like to keep. By choosing that SKU all other products will be de-activated and all associated listings will be re-based to the chosen SKU and product.
Inactive Product Report Once you have cleaned your product catalog and duplicates you can quickly remove any inactive products and also export this report for removal from alternate software solutions you are currently using.
Bulk Product Delete The bulk product delete will allow you to delete any products from your catalog in bulk as well as any associated listings from your marketplaces.


Catalog / Marketplace Sync Once Bundlr is connected to your marketplace it will automatically download your entire listing catalog.
Listing Catalog View and filter your entire listing catalog to get a quick overview of how your listings are doing.
Listing Creation Bundlr allows you to create listings in several ways. You are able to create a brand new listing from products in your catalog quickly and easily using the data already in Bundlr. You can also create a new listing from scratch that is not associated with a product.
Listing Inventory Control with Handling Time Bundlr controls all of your listings inventory in real time from your catalog inventory feeds. As with the inventory management handling time feature. Bundlr will automatically change the handling time to the time set for the supplier with the shortest handling time that has product in stock. This way you will never be stuck having to fulfill an order that you can’t get in time if you don’t have it in stock.

Listing Cleanup

SKU Fix At times for several reasons you may need to change the SKU of a listing. Before Bundlr you would have to manually delete and recreate that listing with the new SKU. Now Bundlr will automatically do this for you with all the existing data you have. All you have to do is change the SKU on the listing and choose update.
Product Match Once the catalog is downloaded and sync’d there may be listings that still don’t have products associated with them. In this section you can quickly identify possible product matches and ensure your listings inventory is being controlled correctly.
Merged Listings Amazon is constantly in the process of identifying duplicate listings for the same product. So if you are listing on multiple listings for the same product at times you will now have two listing SKUs pointing to the same ASIN. Bundlr identifies those listings and allows you to select the SKU that you would like to keep associated with that listing.
Deleted Listings Also from time to time Amazon will remove ASINs from their marketplace but they do not remove it from your listing catalog. So Bundlr will identify those deleted listings and allow you to delete them from the marketplace to keep your listing catalog the most up to date possible.
Missing Data Like catalog clean up missing data, Bundlr also allows you to identify listings with missing data so you can ensure the customer is provided with all the information you can to enhance your listings.
Title Match As time goes on and you are selling on listings that have competitors, listing titles will be changed by the competitors and this will now differ from what is in your listing catalog. Bundlr allows you to update your listing catalog to match the current marketplace title if they differ.
MAP Fix MAP, or minimum advertised price is an important feature when listing products from alternate brands and features to stay in compliance with those brands. MAP Fix will identify any listings that are below MAP and allow you to make those adjustments accordingly.
Bulk Delete Like bulk delete in catalog, Bundlr allows you to delete listings in bulk through a list of SKUs or UPCs. Although, a unique optional function will allow you to add this UPC to an exclusion list so you will not be offered the option to list this ASIN again. This is hugely beneficial when a brand you are selling decides that they are the only one that can sell on Amazon.


Bundle Catalog Bundlr provides you a centralized filterable list of all bundles created that specifies which marketplace they are listed on and what status of creation they are in.

Auto Controls

Inventory Control Bundlr allows you to control the inventory of a listed bundle from the inventory of the items within the bundle itself. This allows you to expand and leverage your catalog on an exponential basis, without the need to create the actual bundles and track the inventory separately.
Bundle Pricing Bundlr has the ability to control your bundle pricing based upon set rules for the bundle and based on the price of the individual items within the bundle.
Image Creation Upon creation of a bundle with Bundlr, the system will automatically combine the images for your bundle base on the associated products in the bundle. An IPQ badge is also created for multi-packs that clearly states the amount of items in your listing. Bundlr provides you a combined image with badges and without for marketplaces that do do not allow watermarks or additional imagary on listing images.
Category Matching Many marketplaces only allow you to list a bundle within the same category that the main item is listed in. Bundlr automatically associates your new bundle with the category associated with the primary item in the bundle. This makes creating relevant bundles extremely fast.

Bundle Creation

Dynamic Dynamic bundles are a bundle suggestion based upon analysis of sales data. Bundlr will identify prime potential bundles from your current list of products and allow you to quickly create those bundles to increase your potential revenue.
Custom Bundlr allows you to create bundles from any 4 products in your catalog. Just specify the SKUs you would like to combine and let Bundlr do the rest.
Rule Based Rule based bundles are bundles automatically created by Bundlr by combining products from a single or various created rule sets. If you want to combine every hat with every shoe with every pair of gloves in every combination. This is your tool.
Multi-pack Multi-packs are bundles of the same product in any quantity. Bundlr allows you to quickly create multiple multi-packs of any of your products.
Case-pack Case-packs are multi-packs based strictly on the quantity you purchase in a case. This is an extremely fast way to leverage not only yours but your distributors inventory.
Plus-1 Plus-1 bundle creation is an extremely powerful way to increase your listing catalog. With Plus-1 bundles all you need to do is specify the rule-set and and a single product and plus-1 will add that single product to every product in your rule set. You can even just double your listings by duplicating your entire catalog with the addition of a single item.
New UPC Search / Catalog Onboarding Bundlr’s New UPC search function allows you to quickly find every listing on Amazon for a specific UPC. This function will allow you to quickly and efficiently onboard a new catalog within hours rather than days.
Single Item Matching Once your catalog is imported to our catalog management system our single item matching function goes to work. You will start to see matches show in your item list and on your item details page. Or you can visit this page and select auto and it will display all currently found listings associated with the UPCs in your catalog.
Multi-Pack Matching Multi-Pack matching works similar to single item matching. Although, the primary difference is the inclusion of an item package quantity filter to display listings with an IPQ of greater than 1. These are listings that are the most probable to be multi-packs associated with UPCs that are currently in your catalog.
Auto Matching In both Single Item Matching and Multi-Pack Matching, with a selection of Auto, the system will provide you with potential listings that your current items are associated with.
Custom Bundle Matching Chances are some listings found using a UPC for a single product will be associated with current custom bundles. This feature allows you to identify, separate and create that bundle if you have the primary product and any associated products in that bundle.
Future Features


Walmart API Integration Coming Soon!
Ebay API Integration Coming Soon!
BigCommerce API Integration Coming Soon!
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Full Repricing Suite Coming Soon!

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